About Us

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About Us

Our establishment is given a name as Al-Khairiah Foundation. In Arabic it is written as ” المؤسســة الخيرية” and in Bahasa we are called as Yayasan al-Khairiah.

Our registered address and for use for mailing purposes is at LOT 393, PANGSAPURI KENALI, JALAN RAJA PEREMPUAN ZAINAB 2, 16150 KUBANG KERIAN, KOTA BHARU, KELANTAN.

Our foundation is established at 10th December 1987 with registration number PPM-001-03-10121987.

The purpose of our foundation is to make us able to do charities such as building mosques, toilets and wells, orphans’ hostels, funds for orphans, duat, yearly zakat distribution/financial aid and investments.

As for the orphans’ hostels, we build it as to nurture them like if their parents do it at home. That means that we don’t just give protection (accommodation) and clothes only but also Islamic teachings and good behavior is paramount to them.

Furthermore, we also focusing on academic performance so as to prepare them for future and be highly employable. That’s why with our foundation we do not hesitate to pay for after class education so that they can get better education through us paying for tuition teachers to teach them.

Likewise, we are open to get contributions from the public so that we can further develop the hostels’ infrastructures to make it more comfortable to them.