Our Purpose

Why we do what we do.

Some of the purposes of why we start our foundation are:

1. To uphold the Islamic teachings through charities act.

2. To cultivate spirit of cooperation among Muslims to take part in charity.

3. To impart togetherness value to all Muslims especially those who are blessed with wealth so that they can help their brothers and sisters who are unfortunate.

4. Our foundation strives in the form of cooperation and helping out others for the benefit of all.

5. Strive to help orphans and less fortunate students to further their study by giving them aid and help.

6. Striving to educate youth so that they can live their best life and creating a future through dedication in any walk of life.

7. Our foundation will also work to get contribution and aid from many well-known wealthy personality, establishments, companies, organizations and government to make our goals become reality.

8. Establish a financial fund to support our activities.

9. Our foundation can possess asset.