How our foundation operates

الله يرحم Tuan Haji Nik Taib b. Hj. Mohammad is the founder of our foundation. He had came up with a concept through the use of a word “menghidupkan” in Bahasa or translated as “give life to” in English which are :

1. Give life to lifeless EARTH : this concept means that all the abandon lands that are not used by their owner should be given life and use for agriculture or any other usage with the purpose of giving back to the owner and public.

2. Give life to unused CAPITAL : means that money or valuable assets in bank or kept without giving out any benefit can be used as a capital to start businesses in variety of fields that can bring income and positive outcome to the entrepreneur as long as the money and assets is not losing value and suffer loss.

3. Give life to unutilised KNOWLEDGE : means that government workers or anyone like them that are retire already should be given tasks and responsibilities that are concurrent with their knowledge because their knowledge is very valuable and they should not not contribute it in their field because they are like a ripe fruit awaiting to spread their vast knowledge and experience to the youngsters that are far less knowledgeable than them.

4. Give life to dead MAN : which are jobless people whether they are a graduate student or someone who stops learning or don’t have job. They are like unused resource that need to be guided by entrepreneurs or business owners that can give them training so that they can learn and use their energy to try to create a successful live for themselves.