Department of Administration & Account

Department of Admin functions and carries out task on :
  1. Taking care and updating all of Foundation’s file whether it is outgoing letter nor incoming letter.
  2. Taking care and making sure that all of the Foundation’s assets such as vehicles, computers etc are in serviceable condition.
  3. Preparing all letters on the command of our Chairman.
  4. Put on record (by scanning) all incoming and outgoing letters to be stored in the computer.
  5. Doing all the works related to information technology such as finding alternative using the Internet.
  6. Put on record any absent leave of Foundation’s staffs.
  7. Doing all out of the office works such as going to the bank, post office, vehicle road tax-related affairs etc.
  8. Taking care of files/vouchers of TAKEP and meeting minute.
  9. Making sure all incoming/outgoing letters have their duplicate copy. If not, the letter should be scanned for record.
  10. Store / take care / update all information and data of the Foundation inside computer.
Department of Account do all the following works:
  1. Store account statements and do all the reports on that account.
  2. Update and store all YAK voucher.
  3. Do joint-venture with account auditor.
  4. Taking care of all tax-exempted receipt, after it was given back by the auditor.