Department of Orphan

Department of Orphan function is to give protection, guidance and education to the orphans. This department is also responsible in conceiving generation of orphans that are well balanced in spiritual and physical aspect.

Apart from making the orphans as a Muslim generation that are not just knowledgeable and practicing Islam that then give positive impact to the masses, this department also strives to make them worthy of an example and hope to their family, religion, and country.

Apart from erecting houses for the orphan, our Foundation also gives out allowance to the orphans where those who receive it are staying with their parent or their own caretaker.

Qualification conditions:

An orphan with deceased father or both parents are deceased

    1. Age below 10 years old
    2. Malaysia nationality
    3. Income of their mother/caretaker is below RM 400
    4. Has more than 3 depandants
Each application must be accompanied with
  1. 1x copy of birth certificate
  2. 1x copy of father’s death certificate
  3. 1x copy of caretaker identification card
  4. 3x passport size picture of the orphan
  5. 1x copy of Agro Bank account
Admission and Acceptance Process:
  1. Fill up admission form and update info.
  2. Wait for approval.
  3. After approval, allowance will be given based on acceptance date.
  4. Allowance payment are done once every 3 months (4 times a year) via cash transfer into the orphan account.
  5. It is compulsory for an orphan to come to the Foundation for interview by our staff to ascertain about their health and education performance.
  6. Our foundation also emphasizes on education performance of the orphans from time to time.
  7. Our foundation also emphasizes on daily prayers and Quran recitation.