Laundry Detergent from Al Hafiz Trading

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Laundry Detergent from Al Hafiz Trading

Alhamdulillah, Al Khairiah Foundation has distributed laundry detergent to asnaf donated by Al Hafiz Trading.

Al Hafiz Trading is a Bumiputera Muslim company that provides the laundry detergent for daily use and laundromat.

Al Hafiz Trading almost 20 years involved in this business. It’s also indirectly created employment opportunities and profits that should be shared with the community.

On the basis, Al Hafiz Trading has chosen YAK to contribute the laundry detergent to needy. Every months,Al Hafiz Trading has supplied 50 barrel laundry detergent to distribute.

Thank you to Al Hafiz Trading who entrusted us to distribute the laundry detergent for asnaf around Kubang Kerian and Kota Bharu.