Qurban at al-Khairiah Office 2019

Qurban at al-Khairiah Office 2019

Date : 14th August 2019 (Wednesday)

Venus : Pejabat Yayasan Al-Khairiah

Qurban 2019 event was held with 30 goats and 2 cows been slaughtered.

Apart from that, our foundation also held a lunch by cooking up the slaughtered animals with the help of the community. Thank you for those who volunteered from beginning to the end of the event.

The Qurban meat were also distributed to the asnaf that consists of the orphans’ guardians, mualaf, poor people around the area of Kubang Kerian.

As much as 600 bags of mutton and meat were successfully distributed.

Praise to Allah with the help of many parties, the program was a success.

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