Receiving 5,000 Blocks of Bricks

Receiving 5,000 Blocks of Bricks

Institut Dakwah Islamiah Perkim (IDIP) located in Taman PUTRA, Pengkalan Chepa,Kelantan has received 5000 pieces of brick that will be used to build a female dormitory fence.

The construction of this fence is to replace the existing dormitory fence which is made of zinc and many have been damaged.

According to IDIP principal, En Che Ahmed Bin Che Mahmood said, there was an intrusion from outside. Mostly the hostels fences have been damaged because of irresponsible people who try to enter the hostel.

He humbly thanked for the help that has been given and hoped that with the help can reduce the problems and avoid the unwanted incident in the future.

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