On 24 January 2023, Yayasan Al Khairiah in collaboration with Hidayah Centre Foundation (HCF) has organized a Ziarah Muhibbah programme in conjunction with the Chinese New Year. The program was led by Bro Muiz Yahya as Dai’e HCF of the Tionghwa community and also by Mr Ubaidullah as the Chief Executive Officer of the HCF.

This program aims to strengthen the connection and bond between the people in addition to explaining the concept of multiracial and multicultural society in Malaysia. The program, which was proposed by the Al Khairiah Foundation, was held in Kg Senang, Kedai Lalat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

The purpose of our special visitation to the homes of the non-Muslims is to invite them to celebrate the Chinese New Year together which falls on 28 January 2023. We visited as many as 30 houses and all of them were very welcoming and delightful on our arrival. Souvenirs such as orange juice, mandarin orange, and kuih bakul were given to them during the visit as a symbol of celebrating the Chinese New Year festivalย together.

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