Durian Plantation Work Progress (August – October 2020)

Durian Plantation Work Progress (August – October 2020)

August 2020 – Water Supply
Progress of the Durian Farm Project in September & October 2020 so far involves the process of obtaining water supply for watering trees using a tube well system.

The depth at the level of 100 feet for this tube well has been successfully excavated.

September 2020 – Fences & Electrical Supply
Next, installation of electricity poles and fences around the farm area.

The fence installation work has been fully completed.

Fence installation is a necessary thing to prevent wild animals from entering the farm area. A total of 3 electric poles have been completed and are currently in the process of connecting the electricity supply to the garden.

Alhamdulillah, this work is going as planned.

October 2020 – Mixed Durian
The purpose of “cantuman dewasa” is to restore unproductive durian trees and replace durian varieties or clones that are less popular, especially village durians to new varieties of durians that are of higher quality and value in the domestic and foreign markets.

Advantages of “cantuman dewasa” :
1. Regardless of the age of the tree
2. Restoration of durian orchards without replanting of new seeds
3. Very cost effective
4. Bear fruit faster, as early as 3 years

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