Flood Aid 2022

Flood Aid 2022

Kelantan had severe and continuous rains for many days at the end of February 2022, leading certain places to be submerged.

Floods are deemed unexpected since they occur outside of the monsoon season which usually occurs in December each year.

Following that, Yayasan Al-Khairiah, out of concern, assisted the families of the foundation’s orphans who were affected by the floods. Among the orphanage areas affected by flooding are the following:

1.Labok Jong, Pasir Mas
2.Kg Gual Perik, Rantau Panjang
3.Batu 31, Machang
4.Kg Kok Lanas, Ketereh
5.Kg Peria, Kuala Krai

A total of 8 orphan families received both necessities and financial assistance. Household appliances, school equipment, and vehicles were among the things destroyed by the floods.

The donation is hoped to lessen their burden, particularly for orphans who have lost their parents and about to begin school.

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