Program Mesra Kaum / Cross-Cultural Bonding Event

Program Mesra Kaum / Cross-Cultural Bonding Event

On 28th January 2023, a harmonious Chinese New Year celebration took place at the Surau Hj Nik Omar, Kg Senang, Kedai Lalat, Kelantan. This event largely involves the Chinese community from around the village that we invited during our special visitation on 24th January 2023.

All praise be to Allah, this event received a great engagement and participation particularly from the Chinese community as well as the Malay community that lives around the area of the surau. The special and honorable guest that was invited to the event is YB Dato’ Ahmad Marzuk Bin Shaary, who is the Member of Parliament of Pengkalan Chepa, who pays a visit despite his busy schedule and enlivened the event with his participation.

As the organizer of the event, Yayasan Khairiah (YAK) was represented by the highest comittee member of YAK who is Nik Ahmad Hazim bin Nik Mohd Zaik. The speech from the YAK representative marks the beginning of the event. The contents of his speech entail the unity and peace that the cultures in Malaysia must embrace. This unity among cultures will instill the feelings of responsibility within the communities to sustain a harmonious and cooperative society in every aspect of living.

Admiring the speech of YB Dato’ Marzuk during the event, he said that unity is the key to harmonious cross-cultural community that we have in our country especially in Kelantan. Most Chinese who resides in Kelantan do not hesitate to speak or “kecek” with the Kelantanese dialect as a main form of communication on a daily basis.

At the very end of the event, YB Dato’ Marzuk himself has officiated the event by distributing the humble contribution from YAK in the form of hampers and angpau to the Chinese community who participates in the event. Overall, this event has received a warm and welcoming engagement from all of the parties involved. The event was gracefully ended with a group photo session with the YB Dato’ and an eating ceremony with the participants.

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